About us

Our philosophy

We have time-honoured ties to local farmers and fishermen, some going back three decades. Our produce is grown and reared exclusively for our restaurants. Even the salt is the finest ‘fleur de sel’ harvested around the island of Delos. Using these farm-to-table ingredients and the fishermen’s catch of the day, even the simplest meal turns into a sophisticated gourmet experience that fuses purity and seasonal flavours.

Our Executive Chefs

...are passionate about infusing classics with regional flavours and revere the process of using locally grown, farmed and fished ingredients to create world-class cuisine which stays true to its Mediterranean roots. If you experience an ‘embarrassment of choices’ when perusing our menu, we recommend trying the Aegean lobster caught by local fishermen between Mykonos and Tinos, or our “signature dish” of sea bass with black risotto, vegetables and lobster sauce. Naturally, there is also a wealth of delicious vegetarian options.